Wurf Testimonials

Wurf Testimonials

  • Allena Tapia - Office Warrior / Writer – About.com

    Many small business owners and work-at-home warriors such as myself pay added attention to the health aspects of our career. I agreed to try out a Wurf Board for a few days, but ended up using it for a couple weeks...They were the most comfortable weeks of my writing life!

    Allena Tapia Office Warrior / Writer – About.com about.com
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    I love the energy that my standing desk gives me but I hate how my legs and joints start hurting. The Wurf Board has allowed me to have my cake and eat it too. Now I can stand for several hours at a time and bounce through the day.

    Kerianne Leffew

    Kerianne Leffew Director - Innovation Pavilion

  • ❛❛

    With your mat I can enjoy all the health benefits of my stand-up desk and my feet feel great. I can tell that I'm exercising the muscles in my feet and ankles without even thinking about it.

    Trevor Fetter

    Trevor Fetter CEO Tenet Healthcare Corp. Dallas, TX

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    The Wurf Board has changed the way I do homework. Before the Board, I would often feel sore sitting down for too long or fatigued from standing around and need too many breaks as a result. Now, blasting through hours of homework and still coming out feeling refreshed is a piece of cake!

    Trung Vandinh

    Trung Vandinh Student, Santa Barbara City College

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    Wurf board makes it fun and easy to collaborate with teammates, while providing a soft surface to stand on. It has changed the way I work while standing.

    Trevor King

    Trevor King Social Media Manager, Long Beach, CA

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    Wurf Boards make working at a stand up desk so much more fun. I’ve used it at my desk a few times to kneel and open up my hip flexors since I’m such an active person outside of work.

    Danielle Gray

    Danielle Gray Account Manager, Manhattan Beach, CA

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    As an attorney who spends hours a day on my computer, the Wurf Board improves my posture, allows me to stand longer and exercise my legs.

    Lionel M. Allan

    Lionel M. Allan Mayor, City of Monte Sereno

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    The more I stand as opposed to sitting the better my back feels. Using a Wurf board allows me to comfortably stand for longer periods

    Dennis Raimondi

    Dennis Raimondi Talk Show Host, KRUU Radio, Fairfield, Iowa

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    I love the Wurf! I work at a stand up station and I used to be stiff at the end of the day, now with the Wurf, I don’t even notice that I’m standing.

    Sue Inches

    Sue Inches Senior Broadband and Energy Consultant Company: Tilson Technology Management, Portland, ME

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    LOVE, LOVE my Wurf Board... I have had 5 surgeries on my feet and I can stand for hours on the Wurf without it hurting my feet. I find myself constantly moving, tightening my core and standing up straight.

    Mayra Marquez

    Mayra Marquez Bridge Bank, Corporate Banking

  • ❛❛

    Three weeks and I'm using the Wurf Board every day. So much easier on my feet.

    Brandon Nelson

    Brandon Nelson Attorney, Fairfield, Iowa