Elegant Wood Electric Standing Desks Surfer Style

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Surfer Inspired Electric Standing Desks by Wurf perfectly marry form and function with crafted wood desktops and electric, adjustable height sit-stand desk bases. The dual-motor, 3-stage base is stronger, faster, and more reliable than single-motor alternatives.

48’ Desk

48’ Desk

60’ Desk

60’ Desk

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Simple Wood or Surfboard Desktop

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Programmable Electric Base

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Premium Comfort Desk Accessories

Benefits of Standing Desks

  • Standing Desks Encourage Movement
  • Increased productivity throughout the workday
  • Movement Decreases Known Health Risks
  • Improves Overall Happiness & Well Being.
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- Customer Reviews -

"I just bought my second Wurf Board! I use it everyday at work with my standing desk for a solid 7 hours a day. The board allows for movement without putting stress on my joints and feet."

– Denise S.

"I just started using my AlleyOOP Rocker Board and I love it. I enjoy a stand up, ergonomic work space and this completes my total set up for a more productive work space. My boss will enjoy that too!"

– John M.