Santa Cruz Wurf Board

Surf at Work on the first air-spring platform for standing desks, the Santa Cruz Wurf Board. Designed for the average stance, either regular or goofy, the Santa Cruz Wurf Board provides the comfort, cushion, and responsiveness you are looking for in...
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AlleyOOP Wood Rocker Board

Life Doesn’t Stand Still, Neither Should You. Stand comfortably and confidently at work with the AlleyOOP Rocker Board—the first omni-directional rocking board that moves you more. “Omni” means “in all ways or...
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Maui Wurf Board - Medium

$299.00 $119.00
Double-layered with a curve for more rocker. The Maui Wurf Board advances our original air-spring design by adding a slight curve to the bottom of the board that encourages even more movement while standing and an additional layer of thickness for...
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