Which size Wurf is right for me?

Wurf Board Sizing

Wurfers come in all shapes and sizes with different needs. Choosing a Wurf is as much about your work style as it is about your feet size, height and weight. Its seems obvious that people with larger feet might feel more comfortable on a larger board, however, in our office we have found that work style dictates Wurf size. The size of board that you choose should be based on the width of your stance and how actively you move about while standing at your desk. Do you walk and talk? Even when on the phones are your hands in constant movement? Then the large Wurf might just be your style. Do you like to key in on what you are doing? Really focus? Then the small Wurf would be right up your alley. Think about your work space too. How much room do you have under your desk? Would your desk accommodate a medium board?

We want you to use these diagrams as references so you can see where your feet would fall on each size board. They are set for a medium stance about hip width apart. W is for Woman’s (US) shoe size, M is for Men’s (US) shoe size.

Still unsure? Give us an email at info@wurf.com and one of our experienced Wurfers will share their experience with you and help you decide.

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