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JumpSport Resistance Tubes with Durable Sleeve for Wurf - Black

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Expand your daily fitness routine to your Wurf Board

By adding exercise resistance bands, you can do more short workouts throughout your day or incorporate your Wurf Board into a full length workout with 160+ at desk exercises.

  • Two 24” black exercise tubes (15 lb medium resistance) with clips on each end
  • Only fits Medium and Large Wurf Boards
  • Two clip-on handles
  • Heavy duty sleeve protects inner elastic tube
  • One storage bag

Includes two 24” black sleeved exercise tubes for use with Wurf Boards and two clip-on handles for 15 lb of resistance. Clip the exercise tubes to the D-Rings on Medium or Large Wurf Boards for upper body, core, and lower body workouts. The heavy-duty black sleeve shields the inner tube from damage, regulates over-stretching, and anti-snap protection prevents injury. These are long enough for a 6’2” person to stretch bands overhead while attached at foot level.

Choose your board

Diversify your exercise routine at your work space and do mini-workouts throughout your day. JumpSport Resistance Tubes are compatible with the following sizes of Wurf Boards:

The Science

What can micro-movements do for you? Have your standing habits become as stagnant as your sitting habits? Learn a bit more about standing desks, movement and how to Wurf through your day to become more productive.  
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Our boards come with a 2 year hassle free warranty against manufacturer’s defect. This includes all parts and pieces sent with the Wurf! If you have a concern you would like to share, email it with pictures to info@wurf.comWe are here to help!

2 year warranty


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