WURF: The Better Standing Desk Mat

Invest In Your Comfort- The Better Standing Desk Mat

There are a few inexpensive standing desk mats on the market but we know the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” The Wurf Board has so many benefits beyond that of your standard desk mat or even desk chair. If you are going to spend up to 40 hours per week at your desk, doesn’t it seem worth it to invest in something that provides A LOT more? Here is why you should spend a little more for a Wurf Board, the better standing desk mat. 

Wurf works for you:Customizable For You

The Wurf Board is inflatable, unlike any other desk mats on the market. Although we do not recommend you hitting the waves on your inflated Wurf Board, this feature allows you to customize your stance to find a comfort level that works for you. If you want it more springy, let a little air out and bounce away. If you are the skate/surf type, maybe you want a stiffer board that acting more like a balance board. Find the perfect balance just for you.

“You Get What You Pay For”

The Wurf Board is made with a PET backed vinyl dropstitch fabric that is CPSIA compliant. What does that mean? Wurf was carefully constructed by the makers of Jumpsport® trampoline, the premier trampoline company on the market, to provide you with a quality product that will last you for years. In addition, if you are looking at other desk chairs or desk accessories, $250-300 dollars is worth the investment if it means all-day lasting comfort. Why not make it a Wurf Board?

Wurf offers Versatility

Because the Wurf Board is inflatable, it is light and portable . If you are using it at your home office, you can easily put it away when you have guests. If you are often working in different offices or sharing time between your home office and corporate office, you can easily transport your Wurf Board to your workstation. Wurf boards are stylish, attention getting, and well designed to fit with many levels of work environments; from casual to formal. Be the coolest in the office!