Wurf invited to CES, Consumer Electronics Show

“CES is where buzz begins,”according to the official site of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). If you’re not familiar with CES, it is one of the biggest arenas in the world to introduce the most cutting edge products in technology and design. It’s taking place in Las Vegas, NV this week. The Wurf Board by JumpSport will be making waves as one of five guests inside Innovation & Tech Today’s booth at the prestigious show and we are so excited to share the experience with you!While the Wurf Board isn’t wired for sound or tethered to an outlet like some of us might associate “tech” with, the board is certainly cutting edge, especially in the ergonomics world. Ergonomics is making a comeback in the work place and employers are beginning to recognize that their employees’ health and happiness is directly connected to their productivity. Sit-stand desks are becoming more popular and research shows standing throughout the workday increases caloric burn and cognitive awareness. It also reverses the negative effects of prolonged sitting. The Wurf Board is a direct solution to discourage static standing, which is just as bad as prolonged sitting, by offering a responsive, supportive, comfortable platform to make standing throughout the day healthier. The take away here is that Wurf Board engages the user and encourages movement.

While anti-fatigue mats or standing desk mats is not a new concept, the ability to inflate the Wurf Board and “Stand on Air” is. Available currently in 3 sizes, the inflatable property of the board allows users to customize the firmness and feel throughout the day. They can also be deflated and easily stowed in your bag for portability or in your desk at the end of the day.

Josh McKenzie of Innovation & Tech Today Magazine says “We are incredibly impressed with not only the idea of the Wurf, but also with the quality of design and construction.” We’re honored to be attending CES and know that our innovative design will “stand-up” to many of the other bigger players at the conference. If you’re attending, come check us out at the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center in booth #21649, the home theatre section of the hall. We hope others will hop on “board” and recognize not only the ingenuity but also the practicality and health benefits behind the Wurf Board. For more details, check out the official press release!

Stay connected with us by using hashtag: #WurfLife. If you’re attending CES, look for our show hashtag #WurfinCES2017.

Giveaway Alert: Post a picture of a Wurf board tagged with #WurfinCES2017 (preferably with you in it). If you’re not attending the show- you can still participate! If you win, you’ll have an extra board or you can share the “health” with others!