Top 5 Standing Desk Accessories You Need

Standing desk accessories are the newest office sensation. Whether you are thinking about getting a standing desk or maybe you already own one — the health benefits of standing desks are undeniable. Not only can a standing desk improve your overall health, but it’s great for boosting your overall fitness level. Keep in mind, however, that most people don’t use a standing desk without tricking it out with some cool accessories.

From anti-fatigue mats to comfy shoes, here are 5 standing desk accessories that you just can’t live without :

1. Comfortable yet supportive shoes: Athletic shoes, flats or something similar with good arch support will allow you to move through the day easier. Wearing socks or going barefoot also are options if you are in a casual office setting or happen to work from home. Platforms or heals may not best suited for standing and moving for 4 or more hours a day.

2. Standing desk mat: Standing desk mats allow for more movement, at desk exercising and the right standing mat can give the body unconscious feedback so you do not standing still — ultimately causing the same aches pains and ergonomic issues as sitting all day can. The Wurf Board is a supportive air-spring like surface that encourages micro-movements throughout the day to improve blood flow so you can stand comfortably for longer periods. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthen feet, legs, core, and back; and raise alertness, focus, and productivity.

3. Foam roller: The mystique of the foam roller has faded over the past few year and they are now commonly sold on Amazon or at your local Target. We recommend a high-quality, durable, and extra-firm roller so it doesn’t lose its shape. Using one to help relax and stretch out muscles in between standing tasks can help alleviate pain and help strengthen you’re your muscles.

4. Computer mounts: Whether you use laptop, tablet, or monitor (or even multiple monitors), being able to mount your computer or monitor to help move it to a more comfortable position is invaluable. You can shift items out of the way to create additional workspace; move your machines out of the way to create an uncluttered and organized desk; or position your screen at the proper angle. If you can mount it you can do it.

5. Timer: Changing from a sitting to standing desk really isn’t enough. We don’t just want to stand all day, we want to move throughout the day. Something as simple as an egg timer can make you aware of how much time you’re standing in a certain positions. Or, by using the timer on your phone, an interval app on either your phone or your computer lets you break your work into intervals. Personally, I have my outlook to ping at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 3:30pm and I take a 5 minute walk. Taking breaks every 30-90 minutes away from your work space will increase overall productivity.