Support School Children & Encourage Standing Desks for Kids

Standing desks for kids might be coming to a classroom near you. “Class take your seats” is a common phrase school children hear but do we really want them sitting for hours on end? Recent studies have reported how prolonged sitting increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Harvard Health reports that sitting has “harmful effects on sugar and fat metabolism,” which are both directly related to a person’s risk for diabetes and heart disease. With research pointing to the dangers of prolonged sitting, adults are starting to take a stand for their health and the health of the younger generation.

Standing desks for kids and adults noticeably improves health and productivity and can make learning more fun.

What’s troubling is even exercise won't cancel out the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. Time reports how the metabolic effects of sitting offsets any benefit one may get from exercise. The real problem now is not just the amount of time you spend watching tv while sitting on the couch, but also the number of hours you spend sitting down while working in the office or while studying in school.

Health benefits of a standing desk have already been seen in many workplace settings. The use of standing desks for kids has expanded into the classroom where it has shown significant benefits in aiding and improving the learning process for the younger generation.

How to Reap the Benefits of Standing Desks for Kids

With the goal of making standing desks for kids be effective and comfortable, we need something that encourages movement, is fun and isn’t distracting. This type of device will encourage the children to create small, barely noticeable movements while studying or working at a standing desk. Movement increases blood circulation, strengthens back, legs, and feet, and helps reduce anxiety. Because it increases blood circulation, movement also keeps us more alert. Students feel better and think clearer when they move as they study.

JumpSport specially designed the small Wurfie to accommodate kids’ little feet. It’s lightweight and can be used with or without shoes. The Wurfie features a non-slip design for safety and comfort. Kids find it easy and fun to use as it mimics surfing while increasing their productivity and attention span.

Bringing Wurfies to Schools

JumpSport has recently launched a Wurfie4Kids program where for every purchase of a Wurf Board, Wurfie (medium or large), JumpSport Trampoline, PlyoFit Adapter or JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, schools will receive a Wurfie for free. One has to purchase directly from or to make these donations. One item purchased is equivalent to one free Wurfie for a school.

Interested schools need to fill out a Wurfie4Kids Request Form. Donated Wurfies will be sent to these schools once the donations reach the target number. Schools can receive up to 24 Wurfies.

To know more about the Wurfie4Kids program or how you can donate Wurfies, visit