Break up the Monotony & Break-Into Movement during the Workday

Stay Healthy and More Productive with Movement during the Workday

We know that we don’t always feel great when we are sitting for extended periods of time but studies say that it is actually unhealthy to be too sedentary during the workday. This doesn’t mean we have to stop our day and do a full workout. Katy Bowman, author of "Move your DNA: Restore your Health Through Natural Movement," states that we should "exercise less, and move more." Here are some ways you can move incorporate movement during the workday while staying productive.

Move To A Standing Desk For Presentations Or Calls

Many offices are using shared standing desks for employees to use while they are giving a shared screen presentation or having an online conference call. This is a cost effective way to stand up and get some movement during the workday while still getting work done. If your office does not have these, try setting your alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and walk around every hour to remind yourself to get moving.

Exercise Machines

If you are interested in getting more fitness in while you work, check out this Miniature Exercise Bike that fits compactly under your desk. Pedal away at different times throughout the day without even leaving your desk! This product also comes with resistance bands so if you would like to do a little more fitness during your lunch break, you have everything you need to get a full resistance band workout.

Get A Wurf Board

This issue was the ultimate reason for the birth of Wurf. The Wurf Board promotes micro movements that allow you to move while also standing relatively still and focused on your work. These often unconscious movements’ keeps blood flow and lymph function going without the distraction of active exercise. Not only are you improving blood flow, but you can stand comfortably longer!