Fun Fitness Ideas If Your Workouts Are Boring

Has your workout gotten tired or boring? Here are 3 fun fitness ideas where you can get fit and actually enjoying yourself while doing them!

The average person spends 8 hours a day at their desks, on the phone, standing on their Wurf Board (hopefully) and sending out emails faster than Buddy the Elf can make snowballs. But after a long workday, a basic boring fitness routine at the gym does not sound too appealing. The worst part is that even those who are able to get themselves to the gym, sometimes do not even see the results they were expecting. This is part of the reason many people do not continue their gym memberships.

Trampoline workouts - Not your mamma’s trampoline

This is the most out-of-the-box and fun fitness workout. Those who choose to bounce claim that you will have more fun than being in a room full of puppies. It is surprisingly effective as 10 minutes on a fitness trampoline is the equivalent of 30 minutes of running. JumpSport sells fitness trampolines around $300 and even have trampoline fitness workout DVDs. If you have no idea where to start, try your local gym or trampoline park to check their schedule of classes. 

Crossfit - Lighting Fires and Flipping Tires

Unfortunately for those pyro’s out there who are excited by this fictitious tagline, the only fire that is lit from crossfit is your newfound desire to get in shape after trying it. The good news is that some crossfit workouts do involve the flipping of massive monster truck tires. Crossfit has been around for a while and the people that participate in the workouts absolutely love them. There are crossfit gyms where you can attend classes as well as crossfit workouts that you can do at home without too much equipment. Each workout provides a lot of different types of movements keeping your movements athletic and fun.

Sports- Yes- Grown-ups can still play them!

This seems so obvious but as kids, our parents constantly shuffled us from soccer to t-ball to basketball to lacrosse all in one day. Our head would hit the pillow at night from a full day of calorie burning activity. Now that we are grown up, we have a few obligations like making money and feeding our families, which sadly prevents us from playing sports from morning until night. However, you can still find a sports league in your area. Joining a league is a fantastic opportunity to meet people, run around, get fit and have fun. It could even be a sport that you have never played before like Ultimate Disc.

These are just a few ways where people are getting in shape, and having some fun in the process. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring!