Easy Sustainable Work Practices You Can Put into Action Tomorrow

Set an example at the office by adopting these easy, sustainable work practices.

Living more sustainably is something that 83% of Americans want to do, so go ahead and do it! It CAN be easy! By living in a more environmentally conscious manner you can not only have a significant impact on the environment, but save yourself some money. Here are some great ways to make the switch.

Use Less Paper

In the digital age, we have more and more options to work more sustainably, namely by not using paper and when we have to, reduce how much of it we use. When possible read things on the computer, on a tablet, on your phone, just do your best not to print it. It takes approximately one tree to make 20,000 sheets of paper and the supply of trees is limited, so it is important to do as much as possible to reduce how much we use. If you have to use paper, do your best to use 100% recycled paper as that helps reduce waste too.

Use personal/office mugs and glasses to reduce disposable waste

Americans throw away approximately 500 billion disposable cups every year plus billions more plastic bottles and other disposable products. Make it a habit to use reusable mugs and glasses to help divert tons of waste away from landfills! Consider setting up a drying rack near a communal kitchen or sink and rotate "dish" duty. Working together to reduce waste can actually help strengthen office morale too!

Bring lunch from home

When you get lunch at work or at a to-go restaurant, you are using plastic cups, forks, knives, spoons and other types of disposable products that only add to the garbage. Bringing lunch from home is a great sustainable work habit and by using reusable containers, garbage can be diverted from the landfills and you'll be fostering healthy eating habits!

Reduce energy usage

By taking an effort to turn off/unplug electronics like your computer when you leave the office, you can save valuable energy that would otherwise be wasted. You can also take action to turn off your office lights as well as maybe convincing management at your company to transition to more energy efficient lighting.

Carpool/Take public transportation

By either carpooling, taking public transportation, and telecommuting when possible you, individually can make a significant reduction in your contribution to emissions and feel good in the process!

Put a plant on your desk/in your office

Make your office or desk feel a little more like home with a plant, not only can this liven up the space a bit, but it can also create a healthier environment for you to work in, helping to purify the air that you work in.

Here at Wurf, we want to be a part of treating our planet and our resources better, so give some of these a go and let us know how you are making our planet a better place for all of us!