The ultimate dorm accessory this year is the Wurf Board

A highly supportive and responsive, air-spring standing platform that is easily portable and will make standing while learning way more comfortable.

Studies show standing while learning instead of sitting in a sedentary position, increases cognitive performance and productivity. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reported that “continued use of standing desks was associated with significant improvements in executive function and working memory capabilities.”

Standing throughout the school-day, while in lecture or studying, will keep you awake and provide more energy. You will save the money you’d spend on energy drinks and actually afford to eat! Here’s another eye-opening fact: exercise does not reverse the negative effects of sitting all day! Healthy eating and hitting up the gym are lost in a sedentary school-day. We’ve done some research on the benefits to standing desks which we encourage you to read if you’d like more information on the inspiration behind the Wurf.

Don’t confine yourself to sitting if it can be avoided; the Wurf Board is completely portable. Inflate your board in seconds and carry it throughout the day or deflate when the lecture is over and put it away for safe keeping. We know the Wurf Board is cutting edge and will become a must-have dorm accessory.
Buy a Wurf and spread awareness; stand up for your health!