Best Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts Of 2017

Each year we have the opportunity to purchase gifts for our family, friends and co-workers. You probably know your family and friends well enough to have a few great gifts in mind for them. But how do you find that perfect gift for a co-worker? It needs to be generic enough that many types of people would like it but specific enough to be a great gift that they will appreciate and hopefully use. Here are a few gift ideas that should help you navigate through this challenge.

Cactus De-Clutterer - Subtraction By Addition

Keep it simple and practical. This cactus de-clutterer is one of those rare desk gifts that you can add to your desk and it will help make it look less cluttered.

Avocado Grower - For The Avo Lover

If you have seen our other gift ideas, you know that we love things that grow at our desk. Give this Avocado grower to your coworker and maybe they will share some of their fresh Guacamole with you.

Droid Apron - Everyone Loves Star Wars

With the latest Star Wars movie coming out, we know that Star Wars is on the top of everyone’s mind. Get this C3PO apron for the Star Wars lover in your office.

Coffee Cup Bike Holder - Safety Without Sacrificing Pleasure

Finally, you sleep well knowing your co-worker who rides their bike to work, will be able to ride with both hands on the handle bars. Get this coffee cup bike holder to make their life safer and easier.

Map Art - Not Your Family’s Travel Map

We have finally found out what to do with all of those road maps collecting dust in your parent's car. These artsy Wall Map posters will make your coworker's apartment more stylish and remind them of their favorite city!