Mark Publicover and Jon Greiner founded JumpSport Trampolines with the mission of creating safe, quality products that encourage adults and their children to stay active and be healthy. Their first invention, the trampoline safety enclosure, inspires millions of kids around the world to get off the couch and play freely with confidence. Their JumpSport Fitness Trampoline gets people moving on a low-impact, high intensity mini-trampoline. Inspired by their AlleyOOP Trampolines high performance products, they created the AlleyOOP Ergonomics division of JumpSport to bring this same inspiration to the workspace. Now, office professionals can leave the inactivity of the modern working life behind and rekindle their natural, energetic, child-like state.

In 2016, we offered standing desks to everyone in the office. Some complained they could not stand long on the hard floor so we offered anti-fatigue mats. Many said those didn’t help, and actually made their legs feel more stiff, and in a few cases bothered their backs. We tried at least 20 different anti-fatigue mats—while some of the more firm ones were better, nothing really worked well.

So that year, we crowdfunded a Kickstarter campaign for the Wurf Board—the first air-spring platform for anyone who stands for long periods of time. Unlike static anti-fatigue mats or focus-intensive balance boards, the Wurf Board is a highly supportive and lively surface that encourages users to make continuous micro movements, which improve blood-flow so you can stand comfortably much longer. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthen feet, legs, core, and back; and raise alertness, focus, and productivity.

In 2018 we took our ergonomics a step further and crowdfunded a Kickstarter campaign for the first omni-directional rocking board. “Omni” means “in all ways or places” and that is exactly how the AlleyOOP Rocker moves. The variably curved bottom allows you to rock in any direction in a smooth and stable movement that stimulates blood flow to the legs to reduce fatigue without breaking your work focus or concentration. Who doesn't want that throughout their workday?