Wurfie4Kids Program

Wurfie4Kids Program

The Wurfie4Kids Program donates one free small Wurfie board to schools with each purchase of a JumpSport Trampoline, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, JumpSport Fitness PlyoFit Adaptor, Wurf Board, or medium/large Wurfie on JumpSport.com, Wurf.com or by calling our toll free number 888-567-5867.

Wurfie4Kids Dashboard

  • Boards Donated: 241
  • Boards Available for Schools: 241

How does the Wurfie4Kids Program work?

When a purchase is made directly on any of our websites or by calling to order, the Wurfie4Kids account is increased by one Wurfie. Interested schools fill out a simple Wurfie Board Request Form. When there are enough donated boards in the account, Wurfies are sent to the school. As we start this program, there is currently a limit of 24 Wurfies per school per year.

What is a Wurfie?

Every kid likes to wiggle and a Wurfie channels that energy and actually helps them stay more focused! The Wurfie is a standing desk board with a slightly curved bottom that allows users rock side-to-side and front-to-back.

To purchase an AlleyOOP™ Rocker Wurfie, please contact us at SchoolPrograms@JumpSport.com.