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Stand in Comfort and Improve Your Focus at Work.

Stand Comfortably

Craftsman style blended with advanced ergonomic technologies for your standing comfort.

Ergnomic Board
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Ergonomics with style. Feel good and look professional from top to bottom.

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Hours of energy with micro movements that keep your blood flowing and your brain focused.

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The most ergonomic position is the next one. Innovative design with health benefits to back it.

Our Story

Mark Publicover and Jon Greiner founded JumpSport Trampolines with the mission of creating safe, quality products that encourage adults and their children to stay active and be healthy. They brought that same inspiration to the workspace with the AlleyOOP Ergonomics division so office professionals can leave the inactivity of the modern working life behind and rekindle their natural, energetic, child-like state.

About Us

- Customer Reviews -

"I just bought my second Wurf Board! I use it everyday at work with my standing desk for a solid 7 hours a day. The board allows for movement without putting stress on my joints and feet."

– Denise S.

"I just started using my AlleyOOP Rocker Board and I love it. I enjoy a stand up, ergonomic work space and this completes my total set up for a more productive work space. My boss will enjoy that too!"

– John M.