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Wurf Board

Move More. Feel Better. Think Clearer™

The Wurf Board is a highly supportive, lively, air-spring surface that encourages standing desk users to make continuous micro movements, which improve blood-flow so you can stand comfortably much longer. These subtle movements improve posture; strengthen feet, legs, core, and back; and raise alertness, focus, and productivity. Who doesn't want that throughout their workday?

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Wurf Board


  • 2" high curved edge massages feet arches and permits lower-leg stretches.
  • Lightweight (3 lbs.), easy to slide in and out with your feet when switching between standing and sitting, especially helpful for people who have difficulty bending over.
  • Use with or without shoes (no stiletto heels).


  • Fully adjustable air-spring surface, firm or bouncy, to meet your weight and performance needs. (Max. user, Sm: 200 lb, Med: 250 lb, Lg: 300 lb).
  • Non-slip dimpled design, grips all types of flooring when weight is applied to it.
Wurf Board's drop-stitch construction

The Wurf Board's drop-stitch construction is radically different from typical inflatable toys or air mattresses. High-end inflatable paddle boards are made using similar drop-stitch construction, but Wurf Boards are used on hard surfaces and not on the water, so we had to re-engineer our drop-stitch to achieve higher strength and durability. Equalizing the size, Wurf Boards are built better, but priced lower.