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Photo of Allena Tapia

Many small business owners and work-at-home warriors such as myself pay added attention to the health aspects of our career. I agreed to try out a Wurf Board for a few days, but ended up using it for a couple weeks... They were the most comfortable weeks of my writing life!

Allena Tapia
Office Warrior / Writer – About.com
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Photo of Allena Tapia

I ordered the small Wurf board for work and study. I work as a hospital department director, Occupational Therapist, and I pursue a PhD degree in Occupational Therapy. I spend a good amount of time at the computer and with books. In the past my sitting bones would hurt from sitting. Now I barely sit to do computer work. I have a standing desk and the Wurf board - marriage made in heaven. Patients come to check out my work stations for ergonomic solutions. I am extremely happy with the Wurf board. It is soft, portable, and fun. I move quite a bit on it and it helps me with productivity and creativity. My well-being improved, too. It has been quite miraculous using the Wurf board, so I highly recommend as an ergonomic solution for all who want to be healthy and happy working at a desk.

Boguslawa Syrotiak

Photo of Kerianne Leffew

I love the energy that my standing desk gives me but I hate how my legs and joints start hurting. The Wurf Board has allowed me to have my cake and eat it too. Now I can stand for several hours at a time and bounce through the day.

Kerianne Leffew
Director - Innovation Pavilion

Photo of Trevor King

With your mat I can enjoy all the health benefits of my stand-up desk and my feet feel great. I can tell that I’m exercising the muscles in my feet and ankles without even thinking about it.

Trevor Fetter
CEO Tenet Healthcare Corp. Dallas, TX

Photo of Allena Tapia

I just want to say thank you. You guys rock! My husband had knee surgery back in January, he used the Wurf for rehabilitation, the therapists could not believe how fast he healed and gained back his strength! He has been back to work for over a month now, and is going full steam ahead! Now I'm scheduled for a bilateral knee replacement in about two weeks. Knowing that the Wurf has helped him tremendously, puts my mind at ease for my own recovery. Thank you for creating a very well made product! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Susan Nunn
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Photo of Kerianne Leffew

The Wurf Board has changed the way I do homework. Before the Board, I would often feel sore sitting down for too long or fatigued from standing around and need too many breaks as a result. Now, blasting through hours of homework and still coming out feeling refreshed is a piece of cake!

Trung Vandinh
Student, Santa Barbara City College

Photo of Trevor King

Wurf board makes it fun and easy to collaborate with teammates, while providing a soft surface to stand on. It has changed the way I work while standing.

Trevor King
Social Media Manager, Long Beach, CA

Photo of Danielle Gray

Wurf Boards make working at a stand up desk so much more fun. I’ve used it at my desk a few times to kneel and open up my hip flexors since I’m such an active person outside of work.

Danielle Gray
Account Manager, Manhattan Beach, CA

Photo of Lionel M. Allan

As an attorney who spends hours a day on my computer, the Wurf Board improves my posture, allows me to stand longer and exercise my legs

Lionel M. Allan
Mayor, City of Monte Sereno

Photo of Dennis Raimondi

The more I stand as opposed to sitting the better my back feels. Using a Wurf board allows me to comfortably stand for longer periods.

Dennis Raimondi
Talk Show Host, KRUU Radio, Fairfield, Iowa

Photo of Sue Inches

I love the Wurf! I work at a stand up station and I used to be stiff at the end of the day, now with the Wurf, I don’t even notice that I’m standing.

Sue Inches
Senior Broadband and Energy Consultant Company:
Tilson Technology Management, Portland, ME

Photo of Mayra Marquez

LOVE, LOVE my Wurf Board...  I have had 5 surgeries on my feet and I can stand for hours on the Wurf without it hurting my feet. I find myself constantly moving, tightening my core and standing up straight.

Mayra Marquez
Bridge Bank, Corporate Banking

Photo of Sue Inches

Three weeks and I'm using the Wurf Board every day.  So much easier on my feet.

Brandon Nelson
Attorney, Fairfield, Iowa