Deskercise: Simple ways to move throughout your day while working.

Deskercise is the ability to do exercises at your desk while working with minimal interruption to your day and work flow. Moving throughout the day can help improve your overall health as well as your productivity. Who says you need to go to a gym to keep in shape? The Wurf Board is a great way to integrate movement into your day and relieve tired stressed muscles. Deskercise can be done while standing and working or can include a two-minute breaks to focus both the mind and body. Check out some of these deskercises today:

Fancy Feet

Continue working while doing these four simple desk exercises to stretch and strengthen your feet, ankles and calves, allowing you to stand longer.

Lateral Calf Stretch
Heel Lifts
Toe Raises
Alternating Ankle Circles

Shoulder Relief

After completing a task, take a moment to deskercise the stress away in your shoulders and give your arms a break. Allowing you to reset for the next task at hand.

Single Shoulder Rolls
Lateral Arm Raises
Triceps Stretch
Shoulder Stretches

Leg Stretch

Take 2 minutes to try these leg stretches between tasks to both move your mind and body. Movement through the day will help you stand more comfortably.

Lateral Step
Straight Leg Heel Drives
Lateral Leg Raises
Leg Curls

Neck & Back

Moving while working goes a long way to helping alleviate neck & back pain that has become all too common. These 4 quick deskercise will help you move!

Standing Back Extension
Alternating Body Hugs
Chin Tucks
Lateral Neck Stretch